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Developed an integrated platform that meets specific needs in the major Corporate Entity Management and Corporate Governance areas: records management, document management, content management and forms management

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An internationally diversified Company, Corporatek is dedicated to offering its clients powerful corporate professional productivity software tools as well as sound and robust consulting, engineering, systems integration and turnkey telecommunications and computer systems solutions to the government sector. 

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  1. Corporatek EnGlobe (Specialty: Entity Management)

    The first ever unified and truly global solution for corporate entity management records management insider tracking and reporting securities management document automation and management and reporting EnGlobe epitomizes modern thinking in the fields of compliance and subsidiary governance worldwide

    IntelliP (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    The GlobalAct IntelliIP portal is a rich intellectual property-specific platform that you can deploy for your clients to collaborate with them in managing their intellectual property portfolio.

    GlobalBoards (Specialty: Board Management)

    GlobalBoards is designed not only as a meeting-centric software portal of superlative power when used as a dedicated Board Meeting Management portal solution, but also as the only Board portal with features specifically designed to exploit features that can only be attained when implemented as a fully-integrated companion to EnGlobe. When both software solutions are used jointly, unprecedented levels of automation can be achieved for all stakeholders in the process. Not just for the meeting itself, but for its preparation, and for actions that need to be undertaken after a board meeting is held.