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In a nutshell, Panache Legal is designed to give lawyers more PEP (profit per equity partner). It dramatically reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks, reduces non-chargeable time, and opens the door to better client satisfaction, retention and the prospect to win more clients. Providing features like document generation and management, time and budget recording, as well as advanced business intelligence and analytics the Panache Legal Platform provides lawyers with a single location to manage their entire workflow. Options are provided that allow a firm’s clients to access, and even edit their own documents using simple wizards, leading to faster feedback and allowing a lawyer to get paid for work done by a client. 

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  1. Panace Legal (Specialty: Document Management)

    Panache Legal has a consistent, modern user interface that scales to any resolution, meaning you can access it on any device making use of all features, wherever you are. Panache Legal tracks your activity, taking out the administration of time recording and ensuring lawyers capture maximum value. Configure custom dashboards to quickly and easily monitor the current state of all documents and information in the system. Get client satisfaction and buy-in. Enable external access so your clients have complete visibility on their matters, can enter the data for you and create their own documents.