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Innovative Systems is a global leader in the development and delivery of high-performance enterprise data management and risk management solutions.

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Innovative Systems
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Innovative Systems is a global leader in the development and delivery of high-performance enterprise data management and risk management solutions to organizations whose success depends on a complete and accurate understanding of their customers. Our offerings include the Enlighten® Enterprise Data Quality Suite; Enlighten® Analyzer for advanced data discovery and data management; Enlighten® PostLocate® global address validation and geocoding solutions for mainframe and open systems (CASS Certified™ for the US); the Synchronos® enterprise customer platform; FinScan® for sanctions and PEP list screening, UBO screening, SWIFT/transaction screening and monitoring, KYC programs, and ID authentication; specific-purpose business support applications to reduce credit losses, identify better prospects, improve customer service, better align service channels to customer value, and better execute marketing and business intelligence projects; and consulting services for data governance, data migration planning, auditing, and related customer data management areas.

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  1. FinScan (Specialty: Financial Crime)

    FinScan is an advanced anti-money laundering (AML) solution used and trusted by leading organizations around the world to help them proactively mitigate risk and ensure compliance with a variety of AML and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) regulations. Based on decades of expertise in the development of data quality and data matching technologies, FinScan’s unparalleled risk and compliance screening accuracy helps minimize false positives while reducing the risk of missing true hits. Its sophisticated matching en-gine also provides exceptional speed, scalability, and reliability to help organizations become more resource-efficient in their compli-ance efforts.

    Synchronos (Specialty: Analytics)

    Synchronos is an enterprise-level master data management (MDM) software platform used for operational and/or analytical purposes. It enables organizations to bypass typical approaches that require extremely large investments of time and money and that incur high levels of risk when implementing and maintaining MDM. Instead, Synchronos delivers exceptionally high accuracy in 1/3 the time and 1/3 the cost of other approaches.