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OpSec Security is the global leader in protecting, authenticating, and enhancing our customers' brands, services and revenues. OpSec delivers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end solutions, including advanced physical security technologies, supply chain track and trace services, and online/e-commerce monitoring and analysis. OpSec protects the world’s most recognizable brands, representing over 6 billion products annually. More than 400 corporate brands rely on OpSec’s integrated approach to brand protection. Whether it is combating counterfeiting, gray market diversion, unauthorized e-commerce, or online and physical retail brand abuse, OpSec is dedicated to ensuring that your brand is always secure. 

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  1. Online Insight IP Monitoring (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    OpSec’s Online InSight: IP Monitoring allows brands to identify and remove web pages and other online content that infringe upon your intellectual property. Whether its unauthorized sales, unapproved distribution of proprietary information, inappropriate use of a logo or other abuse, our advanced technology and expertise allow us to cast a wide net to uncover misuse from all over the internet. Our innovative tools help prioritize findings and identify infringements that require immediate action. OpSec’s technology detects infringements within domain names and website content. Our powerful link analysis methodology allows us to recognize networks, calculate risk and prioritize enforcement efforts.