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MeWe, The World’s Private Communication NetworkTM, is built by Sgrouples, Inc. MeWe delivers breakthrough performance and cutting-edge features that advance social sharing, cloud storage, and both individual and group communication — all within a single platform. MeWe is the next generation in communication technology; a safe and private platform that inspires people to freely communicate online the same way they do offline. With new and enhanced features such as voice integration, patent-pending permission levels, and highly customizable newsfeeds, MeWe puts fun and safety back into social sharing. This is MeWe. My world. My way. MeWe pioneers "privacy by design." At MeWe, you own your content. Your personal information is private—it is yours; it’s not our business. There is no spying, no tracking, and no stalking within our site. Permissions and privacy are your rights, and we make it easy for you to allow or deny access to any content you post. 

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  1. MeWe (Specialty: Collaboration)

    MeWe is here to empower and enrich your world. We challenge the status quo by making privacy, respect, and safety the foundations of an innovatively designed, easy-to-use social experience. We’re not always perfect (although we’re working on it), but we are honest and try to keep it real. We are exactly who we say we are and who we strive to be. Our goal is to provide you with a fun, trustworthy, and useful communication platform that enhances your life, while delivering the respect and safety we all deserve.