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Machine Intelligent Email Security Platform - Prevent Highly Sensitive Information Being Sent To The Wrong People // Protect Your Company Now.

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Tessian (formerly CheckRecipient) is a next-generation email security platform that helps enterprises counteract human error and significantly reduce the risk of data loss. Tessian uses machine intelligence to analyse email networks and automatically prevent highly sensitive emails being sent to the wrong people with minimal end user disruption. Some of the world’s leading organisations across the legal, financial, professional services and technology sectors rely on Tessian as a critical component of their cybersecurity framework. To find out more, visit

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  1. Tessian Rulebuilder (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Misdirected emails are the most common form of enterprise communication security breach. Following a spike in the instance and severity of high profile data breaches, companies are under increasing pressure from clients and regulators to put controls in place to prevent these accidents. Tessian prevents your most sensitive information from ending up in the wrong hands by intelligently scanning outbound emails and warning the sender if they are about to make a mistake, before the email is sent.

    Tessian Enforcer (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Enforcer’s machine intelligence detects and prevents highly sensitive emails being sent to unauthorised or personal email accounts.

    Tessian Guardian (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Guardian’s machine intelligence detects and prevents emails being sent to the wrong people through inadvertent human error.