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Take control with a one-stop credit monitoring1 and ID theft protection solution from Equifax.

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Equifax powers the financial future of individuals and organisations around the world. Using the combined strength of unique trusted data, technology and innovative analytics, Equifax has grown from a consumer credit company into a leading provider of insights and knowledge that helps its customers make informed decisions. The company organises, assimilates and analyses data on more than 820 million consumers and more than 91 million businesses worldwide, and its database includes employee data contributed from more than 6,600 employers. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Equifax operates or has investments in 24 countries in North America, Central and South America, Europe and more recently in the Asia Pacific region, with the acquisition of Veda, a data analytics company and the leading provider of credit information and analysis in Australia and New Zealand. Combined the companies bring nearly 170 years of data and insights experience to the marketplace.

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  1. Business Risk Score (Specialty: Analytics)

    Make smart, efficient credit decisions throughout the commercial customer lifecycle with business risk scores that offer reliable insight into fraud and financial risk, general credit worthiness and potential for failure, without the effort of manually reviewing a business credit report. To give you even stronger, more detailed insights, such as how a business behaves during fluctuating economic circumstances, Equifax offers a robust suite of business credit scores and business failure scores that are built on pre-recession, recession and post-recession data. With double the number of attributes, scorecards for both large and small businesses, new scoring criteria and the option to include consumer data, our risk scores provide more predictive power so you can have greater confidence in the decisions you make.

    ComplianceConnect (Specialty: Financial Crime)

    Organizations face increasing pressure from regulators to better identify their customers, associates, and partners as they manage risk and profitability. ComplianceConnect™ provides configurable regulatory and risk services to help identify individuals and entities associated with money laundering, terrorism financing, white collar crime and other unusual activities in support of your Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs. Leverage robust global data, customizable Search/Match functionality and flexible technology for real-time insights to help mitigate regulatory risk and better safeguard against non-compliance. Let us help you customize a compliance solution that's unique to your business needs. 

    Compliance Center (Specialty: Regulatory Reporting)

    With rapidly changing labor and employment legislation, increased enforcement with growing fines, and increased risk of class action law suits; it is critical for organizations to properly manage their new hire process and forms.  The Compliance Center is a technology portal designed to streamline new hire onboarding through; process and regulatory update automation, notifications to employees, and insight management reporting. Compliance Center provides “Compliance that Pays” with an average 12 x ROI by; reducing risk, especially through market leading I-9 Management and E-Verify® solutions, increasing income through additional tax credit realization, achieving savings through improved efficiency with a consistent experience for managers and new hires, enhancing the employer image during the important first impression onboarding process, and managing legislative mandates through an automated solution to process Federal and State notifications.  Employers can choose a relevant bundling of solutions today with the ability to integrate additional solutions as needed in the future.