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Igloo develops social business solutions for your employees your partners and your customers - securely stored and delivered in the cloud

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Igloo Software
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Igloo is a web-based platform for collaborating at work. It's a digital workplace that enables you to share files, find answers, solve problems, locate information and expertise and tap into the collective knowledge of your customers, partners and peers, virtually anywhere.

Igloo is a natural evolution for the way we work. And it makes us much more efficient, not by replacing the productivity tools we use today, but by optimizing the flow of information between people.

No more obstacles, no more barriers, no more silos.

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North America
  1. Igloo Social Intranet (Specialty: Collaboration)

    Igloo is your new digital workplace stored in the cloud. We're not a point solution. We're a platform for your ideas We're a complete digital workplace in the cloud. We fit with your existing workflow and software toolkit whether its SharePoint or Office Photoshop or Acrobat - and complement what you do with the social collaboration tools that you love like wikis blogs and comments. We're fast, we're easy to use and we're secure. And because Igloo is cloud-based we're available everywhere anytime on any device with an internet connection.