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Legal things enables law firms to collaborate with customers and affiliates in a transparent and efficient manner, and delivers

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Each company has important legal letters and agreements from customers, partners and employees. Managing these documents often takes unnecessary time and money. LegalThings software allows businesses to save as much as 80 to 90% of their time and costs around managing contracts.

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  1. DocX (Specialty: Document Assembly)

    LegalThings makes it easy to create smart contracts and other documents. You can turn standard pieces of text into dynamic templates. Add explanations and additional information to the entry form to enhance ease of use

    Flow (Specialty: Contract Management)

    It takes two (or more) to tango You never draft contracts or other legal documents alone. Contractual partners and external advisors (legal, fiscal, notarial) need to be involved. Create tailor-made workflows for each drafting process. Engage colleagues and contract partners Collaborations thrive in a structured environment. You can easily attain structure within your company’s administration using Legal Things software. Receive updates when changes occur. Be prepared for the passing of deadlines

    Legal Signing (Specialty: Contract Management)

    Signing online enables you to sign and review your contracts anywhere, anytime and on any device. As a result, lead times won’t increase unnecessarily since everyone has a mobile phone and access to LegalThings software.

    Legal Vault (Specialty: Contract Management)

    When it comes down to it, contracts and other legal documents are the core of your organisation Once your contracts and other legal documents are stored in your vault, you are the only one with access to the safe. Only you can grant access to others

    Legal License (Specialty: Contract Management)

    Make your business future-proof. Expand your services online with smart online contracts, compose packages and set your prices. Enabling your clients to become self-reliant with smart online contracts sounds great. But how does it make business sense? With LegalLicense you charge a fee for the use of your templates. This way you can start or expand your business by licensing legal products

    Lega Triggers (Specialty: Contract Management)

    Always in control of contractual deadlines If you use LegalTriggers software, you will receive automatic updates alerting you to the expiration of important periods in your contracts. Through notifications and alerts you will always be kept up to date on what’s happening. As a contracting party, but also as a stakeholder.