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Framesoft's products are based on Java and other open Internet technologies and utilize the advantages of N-tier architectures.

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Framesoft’s product & services portfolio is strongly focusing on the financial services industry and covers the complete life cycle of a software solution, ranging from supporting the early conceptual application design stages, to the delivery and integration of the application into the client’s infrastructure. 

Framesoft is also capable offering application support requested by a customer such as 1st, 2nd or 3rd level production as well as business/user support. Additionally, Framesoft offers to run its application as ASP service based on its advanced cloud infrastructure located in Switzerland.

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  1. Framesoft Document Management (Specialty: Document Management)

    Framesoft Contract & Document Management products allow companies to gain control over all important business documents such as Derivatives Documentation, Term Sheets, Prospectuses, Confirmations, agreements of any kind and all other type of documentation

    Framesoft Fee Management (Specialty: Spend Management)

    Framesoft Fee Management (FFM) is a unique software application for the professional management of distribution agreements & fee payments. FFM provides full control of commissions and fees, ensuring that organizations have the information required to manage payments and receipts across all financial instruments, entities and trading partners. As a result, your corporation can prevent itself from paying excessive or duplicate fees, negotiate improved terms, and leverage best execution across your trading relationships.

    Framesoft Matter Management (Specialty: Matter Management)

    The Framesoft Legal Matter Management (FLM) is a powerful case matter management and tracking tool designed specifically for Legal & Compliance departments of financial institutions and globally acting organizations. With FLM attorneys and support staff have direct, immediate access to the information needed to manage their matters / cases on a day-to-day basis.

    Framesoft Document Generator (Specialty: Document Assembly)

    The Framesoft Document Generator (FDG) is a unique software application that supports the whole lifecycle of any kind of document generation within an environment of data capture & data editing, including workflow management & archiving. It supports the typical engineering techniques of creating new documents based on inheritance and modification of existing structures. Workflows associated with the creation of documents can be freely configured.

    Framesoft Contract Repositort (Specialty: Contract Management)

    The Framesoft Contract Repository (FCR) is a dynamic application for Legal, Documentation, Credit and Treasury functions. It enables financial institutions engaged in OTC Derivatives; REPO and Security Lending transactions to maximize the value of all information contained within Master Agreements, such as close-out nettings provisions and associated Collateral Arrangements. By translating complex yet qualitative information into centrally managed, usable, referenceable data, FCR will accurately generate the fundamental parameters for netting, both enhanced Credit Line Management and Regulatory Capital Relief. In this way, FCR facilitates sound management of Credit, Legal and Operational Risks for Legal, Documentation and Credit Risk functions across institutions.