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Cloud-based solution for sharing large volumes of confidential documents for financial due diligence and compliance.

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Intuitive, affordable, pervasive – thousands of companies worldwide choose Firmex Virtual Data Room (VDR) solutions to securely share their highly confidential documents. Our secure, online data rooms are so easy to setup and use, customers can immediately control, share, collaborate and track the use of confidential documents. Whether you are looking to acquire or sell a company, raise funds, undergo a financial audit, share intellectual property or manage compliance documents, Firmex allows you to securely share the right information with the right people, internal and external to the organization, anytime. 

Document sharing has never been more easy, secure or affordable. With Firmex, access a private, branded site with a unique physical database for maximum security. Our team of experts provide true 24/7 support. They will help you set up your project and support your users with best practices applied from years of experience with similar projects. And, upfront, fixed pricing gives you limitless users, projects, documents and support, so you can ensure cost certainty for every project,. 

Leaders in corporate and financial transactions, M&A, compliance, litigation, and procurement value Firmex’s ease of use and outstanding support to profitably accelerate their online document sharing and collaboration projects. This smooth and efficient access to highly organized data is why thousands of companies worldwide trust Firmex to create over 10,000 data rooms annually. 

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  1. Firmex Virtual Data Room (Specialty: Collaboration)

    Faced with increasing demands to provide more flexible online workspaces for collaborating outside the organization Corporations must balance productivity and convenience with security For finance professionals involved in audits corporate due diligence strategic procurements or MA and board communications securing the corporations most confidential documents is paramount Email FTP and personal online file sharing solutions are insecure and do not provide the ability to organize share and track the exchange of large volumes of documents To properly support strategic corporate processes organizations need a secure convenient and affordable corporate file sharing and collaboration solution

    Firmex FileSend (Specialty: Collaboration)

    Transferring large privileged documents such as litigation, real estate, and corporate documents can be a frustrating experience. With Firmex FileSend, sending large documents to clients, outside counsel and third parties is as simple as upload and send. Recipients can download files right away over an encrypted connection.