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Award-winning AI platform empowering lawyers and other knowledge workers to automate their own processes on-demand. Reinventing the way we work.

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Kim Technologies
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Every so often a new generation of software is born that redefines the world of work. Each has transformed the way knowledge workers do their work, but they all came with one fundamental limitation. They required knowledge workers to adapt to the design of IT systems, rather than the other way around – a classic case of the tail wagging the dog. Enter Kim.

Kim represents the next wave of AI-driven automation software that empowers knowledge workers with no IT programing experience to create systems that reflect how their work is actually performed, rather than comply with someone else’s idea of how it should be. What does that mean in practice? We just put control back into the hands of the world’s knowledge workers!

Using Kim’s intuitive Knowledge Automation Platform, subject experts from any industry can now automate their own processes, workflows and documents on-the-fly, as well as create integration components with other systems – all from an intuitive interface with not a line of code in sight. Automation projects that once took an IT development team months to complete can be done in a few hours by legal, HR, procurement and many other professionals.

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United States
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North America / Europe
  1. The KIM Platform (Specialty: Contract Analysis)

    There are several aspects to the Kim platform.  The first is its ability for individuals with no information technology training to build AI enabled applications without the use of any software programming.  Kim’s use of AI to assist in creating these “No Code” applications is unique in the world of software.  By having ways of allowing knowledge workers to easily provide information to the system using documents and forms that they already use every day, Kim can create high value, purpose built applications in hours or days.