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Clarivate enables you to discover, protect and commercialize new ideas, faster.

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Clarivate Analytics accelerates the pace of innovation by providing trusted insights and analytics to customers around the world, enabling them to discover, protect and commercialize new ideas, faster. Formerly the Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters, we own and operate a collection of leading subscription-based businesses focused on scientific and academic research, patent analytics and regulatory standards, pharmaceutical and biotech intelligence, trademark protection, domain brand protection and intellectual property management. Clarivate Analytics is now an independent company with over 4,000 employees, operating in more than 100 countries and owns well‐known brands that include Web of Science, Cortellis, Derwent Innovation, Derwent World Patents Index, CompuMark, MarkMonitor and Techstreet, among others.

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United Kingdom
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More than 500
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  1. Derwent Innovation (Specialty: Analytics)

    In Derwent Innovation access the most trusted global patent data and scientific literature with powerful capabilities to perform analysis and collaborate efficiently. Powered by the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI), you get the most comprehensive patent solution covering more than 50 patent issuing authorities, with English translations from 30 languages. Each patent is classified according to our unique classification system of technical sections and classes, making it easier and faster to find and retrieve relevant patents.

    TM go365™ (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    TM go365™ is a revolutionary, cloud-based, self-service clearance solution that gives you the power to search word and image marks quickly and cost-effectively. It’s an entirely new choice in trademark research, filling the gap between low-quality Internet searches and the “gold standard” Full Availability Search performed by our analysts. Enjoy a new level of flexibility, speed and affordability—without compromising quality.

    MarkMonitor AntiPiracy (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    Global piracy affects a wide-range of digital content — movies, music, software, games and e-books. Rights owners must take a proactive and comprehensive approach to fighting online piracy, by pinpointing and monitoring illegal download activity across a wide-array of Internet channels — peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, user-generated content, blogs, live and video streaming sites and usenet services — as well as detecting and disrupting the related promotional activity on search engines, websites and social media sites. Our anti-piracy technology powers the industry's most complete solution for monitoring, detecting and responding to piracy and related promotional activities.

    MarkMonitor AntiFraud (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    For brand owners, phishing and malware attacks represent more than just a danger to their customers’ personal and financial information – they compromise digital brand equity and customer trust. These exploits are a direct assault on company revenues, and represent a strategic business problem that can erode customer trust and undermine digital channel adoption. MarkMonitor AntiFraud™ helps you take proactive steps to prevent, detect and mitigate the damage of fraudulent phishing and malware activity to protect your brand, online channel adoption and customer relationships.

    Thomson IP Manager (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    Thomson IP Manager allows you to optimize your IP management with a solution that’s right for you. Get a tailored solution that covers the entire IP lifecycle developed to meet your needs today and capable of adapting to meet your needs in the future.