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Litigators go to battle every day.  With CARA, you'll have the best weapons. Be a better, faster legal researcher with the help of the CARA Research Suite: easy-to-use AI technology that helps you quickly discover and deeply understand the cases you need.

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From the start, Casetext has focused on improving legal research. As a litigator, Casetext founder Jake Heller experienced firsthand the frustrations of expensive, outdated, and inefficient legal research tools. And as an engineer, Jake understood that applying the best technology - data science, machine learning, natural language processing - could make things much better. 

The Casetext team has built one of the leading sources of legal information. One million people access Casetext’s case library each month.  Casetext has also created award-winning automated research tools like CARA, bringing unprecedented efficiency and power to legal research. 

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United Kingdom
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North America
  1. CARA (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    CARA researches in a very different way than normal keyword or boolean searching by using a legal document as the basis of a complex query that no human lawyer can do on their own. CARA reviews the full contents of the uploaded brief, identifying and analyzing dozens of factors including the legal authority cited and the topics discussed in the brief. CARA then instantly searches Casetext’s database of millions of legal documents and hundreds of thousands of articles published by practicing lawyers to find similar, on-point cases using a proprietary algorithm developed by our incredible data scientists.