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Web & Social Media Archiving on one platform with authentication & data integrity for #Compliance and Open Records Purposes. #eDiscovery

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PageFreezer is a leading provider of website and social media archiving solutions to a wide range of industries including finance, legal, telecom, retail, utilities, government and post-secondary education. PageFreezer is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application that enables organizations and corporations of all sizes to permanently preserve their website and social media content in evidentiary quality and then access those archives and replay them as if they were still live. Uses for the archived data range from compliance with regulators such as the SEC, FINRA and the FDA to litigation preparedness, evidence capture, call center support and competitive intelligence. 

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, PageFreezer Technologies is a privately-held firm that is owned and managed by a successful team of software veterans. The company was founded in 2006 and has been operating in Europe and North America since 2010. With a rapidly expanding customer base and the most comprehensive website and social media archiving solutions available, PageFreezer is the premier provider of archiving services for online content to companies throughout the world.

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North America / Europe
  1. Webpreserver (Specialty: Preservation/Collection)

    Whether you are in-house legal counsel or an attorney representing a law firm, PageFreezer is the most powerful tool available for capturing evidence from websites, blogs, and social media channels. It can also be used as litigation protection for clients or to archive your own firm’s website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest or Flickr account. PageFreezer is a leader in the archiving industry; we’re helping over 600 government agencies, legal and financial firms, and Fortune 500 organizations archive their web and social media communications. We understand the complex nature of eDiscovery, both technically and legally.