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Utilizing horizontal processing distribution and record level distribution methods allow the ONE Discovery platform to achieve optimal resource allocation, which results in blazing fast processing speeds.

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ONE Discovery
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ONE is a complete eDiscovery Platform that seamlessly integrates litigation readiness, early case assessment, data processing, analytics, review and production into one robust, user-friendly application.With technology so advanced it fades into the background, clients see only the advantages it provides. These advantages include data volume reduction, efficient workflow management, more targeted document review, flexible cost structure, and centralized data security. ONE’s ability to handle complex challenges within a single platform, with a seamless user experience, continues to define eDiscovery’s best practices.

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United States
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North America
  1. ONE Discovery Processing (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Developed around our patented, core technology, the processing capabilities of ONE Discovery normalize ESI for review in a fraction of the time required by competing solutions available today. Inherently flexible, scalable and easy to use, the ONE Discovery processing engine is designed to deliver extreme performance to any service bureau, law firm or corporation – regardless of security, compliance or cultural needs. From smart data storage protocols and automated workflows to real-time resource management, everything about

    ONE Discovery Review (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    ONE Discovery’s document review and production solution was crafted with a relentless focus on streamlined, efficient user experience. Built by eDiscovery professionals for eDiscovery professionals, our review module encompasses the best in modern features and underlying technology, designed specifically for ease of use and maximum productivity. From flexible workflows and advanced analytics to advanced functionality like technology-assisted review, ONE Discovery review has everything you need, presented in a way

    ONE Discovery Management (Specialty: eDiscovery Workload Management)

    ONE Discovery lets managers handle every element of a project – processing, review and production – from within a single, intuitive dashboard.