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Ludicrously simple legal practice management software

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Jarvis Legal
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Jarvis main goal is to make new technologies available to attorneys to help them manage their law firms with simplicity and at a very competitive price. With Jarvis Legal, whether you’re in court, at home, at your client’s office or on a plane, you can access all of your law firm data at anytime.

Enter the time spent on cases and send bills on the go. With Jarvis Legal, all of your law firm data are saved in the cloud. Your co-counsels and legal assistants have thus access to information and documents updated in real time

Jarvis Legal allows you to save time, bill more, reduce your operational costs and better collaborate with your clients. You can keep track of your time or expenses from your desktop, laptop or mobile devices. You can generate bills in few clicks using your own templates. You can send to your clients a direct link to review the bills.

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United States
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North America
  1. Jarvis Legal Legal Practice Management Software (Specialty: Spend Management)

    Generate bills in 3 clicks using different billing methods and based on your law firm's templates. Instantly share them with your clients and automatically keep track of unpaid bills.