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The sophisticated hosted workspace from which to create, update & share e-binders and the associated documents, transcripts, video, research and work product.

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Opus 2
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Opus 2 International is the only worldwide legal services company that blends sophisticated cloud technology with court reporting excellence to modernise evidence management during high-stakes matters across the globe — including litigation, arbitration hearings, depositions (US) and government inquiries. We are experts in capturing testimony and uniting it with key litigation content. 

Based in London and with offices around the globe, Opus 2 is "the second great work" from the original creator 
of realtime transcription software. Today, Opus 2 enables simple yet sophisticated electronic trials for cases of any size.

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United States
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  1. Opus 2 Magnum (Specialty: Document Management)

    A paperless trial or arbitration is no longer a vision of the future. Opus 2 has made paperless hearings the new reality for our clients. This award-winning service from Opus 2 spans case preparation through to presentation of evidence at the hearing and provides all of the software, hardware and professional services required.