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Welcome to Planet Data, a place where eDiscovery is unlike anywhere else. Our clients are our top priority, phones are answered, deadlines are met and problems are solved. Our exclusive technology delivers stress-free results to our clients with forward thinking solutions and services that make them so happy they stay. 

eDiscovery technology can be incredibly efficient and cost-effect, but it’s only an asset if it’s done accurately and defensibly. Planet Data is the creator and exclusive home of Exego, the game-changing tool that has revolutionized the eDiscovery landscape. Exego offers the best intelligence in the legal universe. Exego is a patent-pending self-validating search and review software that comes with an A-Team of highly experienced people to guide clients through the process. 

Exego is also known for its remarkable speed and accuracy, and also for being the most customizable platform of its kind. Exego assures clients will always have efficient access to accurate solutions, with the support and guidance to properly use them. 

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  1. Exego (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    The Exego Platform was developed by Planet Data’s project management experts and dedicated development team. Exego patented technology processes and manages unstructured data for the legal, financial, insurance, M&A and corporate markets. The Exego Platform combines a well-defined, systematic, proven approach for managing unstructured data sets through cost-effective methodologies and superior project management. Its three modules work together seamlessly to deliver more accurate results throughout the entire data management process.