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Servient provides electronic discovery technology solutions to corporations, government agencies and leading law firms.

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Servient has over a decade of experience in developing software to manage the ever-increasing data volumes involved in legal matters. We have built our solution from the ground up, incorporating machine learning to drive efficiency. The result is a unified platform; processing, search & cull and review as an iterative and integrated process. Since we wrote the software, we support it and help you manage the process effectively. The culmination of our experience is a proven e-discovery solution managed by industry experts.

Servient provides electronic discovery technology solutions to Fortune 1000 corporations, government agencies and leading law firms. Servient's electronic discovery platform automates the collection, analysis, culling, review and production of electronic evidence. Servient’s technology covers the entire litigation lifecycle, from collection through production. Along with the ability to speed the process, Servient provides a complete, automated workflow.


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  1. Servient Ingestion (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Servient’s processing goes well beyond the basic level of indexing and text and metadata extraction that normally happens with a traditional eDiscovery software system. Servient focuses not only on the document but also on the features within the document. During the ingestion process is when Servient breaks down specific textual and metadata based features for use in our machine-learning algorithms. In addition, text from each individual email is compared to the other email to ensure we have a 100% match in our Containment Email process.

    Servient Search and Cull (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Servient greatly improves the rate of recall. Assuming traditional keyword searching was used as a filter for review assignment, the learning model created by Servient’s machine learning can be used to improve the performance of the search. Documents with a high probability of relevance that were missed because of the inherent limitations of basic search technology can be identified.

    Servient Document Review (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Servient actively learns from the document decisions made by the legal team during legal review and separates the relevant documents from the irrelevant material. Predictive Review produces meaningful results after the review of only a modest number of documents. As the legal team reviews more documents, Servient continues to learn and further refines the automated document decisions.

    Servient Production (Specialty: Production/Presentation)

    Servient’s production module allows for exceedingly fast productions. The production module is a complete, self-service system that allows for granular handling of productions.