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For over 15 years thousands of lawyers at Fortune ranked companies and industry leading law firms have used IntraLinks to support their document-centric legal financial and regulatory processes.

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Only Intralinks provides a cloud-based Content Collaboration Network™ where sensitive information can move freely around the globe while maintaining security and compliance, enabling safe and productive work with anyone, anytime and anywhere. Rather than building point integrations or having to rip-and-replace existing content systems, Intralinks customers can connect to the network to confidently and productively control the sharing, distribution and management of their high-value content – regulated, IP-intensive or simply important data. More than 90,000 clients – 99% of the Fortune 1000 companies – have depended on Intralinks to digitally transform and simplify critical business processes while meeting the most stringent governance and regulatory requirements.

A 20-year track record of enabling high-stakes transactions and business collaborations valued at more than $30 trillion have made Intralinks the preferred source of easy-to-use, enterprise-strength cloud-based collaboration technology.

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  1. IntraLinks (Specialty: Matter Management)

    Over 3.1 million professionals spanning more than 40 industries across the globe rely on IntraLinks to work securely and productively across boundaries. Large-scale mergers and acquisitions, enterprise collaboration, drug development, syndicated lending and fund management are just a sampling of the mission-critical work facilitated by the IntraLinks platform. IntraLinks offers three editions of product and user-support capabilities designed to fill a broad range of business needs – all supported by industry-leading security and governance capabilities. These editions are extended with specialized modules for industry and use-case-specific needs.