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The Sackett Group, Inc. (TSG) brings technical sophistication and a passion for quality to document automation.

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The Sackett Group
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From the introduction of MacPac as a single macro and template program over 25 years ago to the fully integrated MacPac and Forte product lines we offer today, The Sackett Group, Inc. (TSG) has been inspired by an ideal of technical achievement and service quality. Our commitment to that vision is a long-term investment, which has kept us ahead of the curve in engineering and up-to-date with our clients. Over 500 TSG installations worldwide attest to our client satisfaction.

TSG’s idealism and commitment are deeply rooted in the experience of its personnel. We have worked in the professions we serve. Our collective knowledge of technology training and consulting, word processing, office management, and IT is concentrated in our products. From our labors as document producers in mid-sized and large organizations, we know the difference that quality document automation software can make in job performance and satisfaction, and we take great pride in improving the performance of our products. Eleven years of law office experience—as legal assistant, lead word processor, manager of a corporate litigation department, and law office automation trainer and consultant—inspired Linda Sackett to found The Sackett Group, Inc.

TSG has grown into a leading solution provider of sophisticated document automation products for a variety of businesses, including law firms. However, we have not outgrown our roots. We continue to serve our clients with close personal attention, learning from them and partnering with them as they customize our products to fit their document requirements and office routines. As client needs and demands evolve, we evolve in our ability to make TSG products better for them.

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  1. Forte (Specialty: Document Assembly)

    Cutting-edge product that combines full document automation, content management, document assembly, and centralized deployment in a single system. Six configurations offer a range of solutions for any organization.

    MacPac (Specialty: Document Management)

    Proven document automation solution for organizations of any size. Easy-to-use macro/template program with familiar user interface, high-speed response, and popular productivity tools, such as TSG’s Numbering Tool.