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TraceSecurity, a pioneer in cloud-based security solutions, provides risk management and compliance solutions.

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TraceSecurity is a leader in cloud-based cybersecurity solutions that help organizations of all sizes reduce the risk of cyber breaches and demonstrate compliance. TraceSecurity’s award-winning TraceCSO is a revolutionary solution that dramatically streamlines the management of IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs.  It accomplishes this by tightly integrating and automating all eight critical IT GRC components: Risk Management, Compliance Management, Audit Management, Vendor Management, Incident Response Management, Vulnerability Management, Policy Management and Training Management. Most important, it provides built-in security and compliance expertise that most organizations lack.  Because of its unique architecture and cloud delivery, TraceCSO deploys rapidly and reduces the cost of GRC management by as much as 80%.

With market experience that spans over 2,000 customers, TraceSecurity offers the insight, products, professional services and partners to support the security and risk management efforts of organizations of all sizes across all industries. TraceSecurity certified partners leverage TraceCSO as a discovery tool to identify additional security solutions and services to offer their customers.

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  1. Trace Platform (Specialty: Information Governance)

    The game-changing innovation at the heart of TraceCSO. It provides: • A single point of data entry and correlation: Enter data just once to enable access throughout all eight of the TraceCSO functions. This data allow you to centrally manage, update, analyze and report a single version of the truth. • Built-in information security expertise: Organizations of any information security and compliance expertise can quickly realize value from TraceCSO. Wizards, helpful hints and best practices are built into the platform and lead organizations through the risk assessment process. Real-time updates and automatic integration: TraceCSO integrates and correlates with a database of tens of thousands of citations for more than 500 regulatory authorities around the world, and any changes made in one function are correlated appropriately throughout the software.