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eBrevia enables companies to quickly gain insights into their legal documents. Our artificial intelligence makes contract review more accurate, efficient and cost effective.

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eBrevia is commercializing artificial intelligence technology developed at Columbia University to assist corporate attorneys, in-house counsel, and business executives in performing a variety of tasks more efficiently, accurately, and cost effectively. Using machine learning techniques, the company’s software can extract and summarize legal provisions from a wide array of legal documents. The company’s products have applications for due diligence, document management, and document drafting. eBrevia was selected as one of four national winners in the Startup America DEMO Competition and designated by as having one of the top ten enterprise products at the DEMO conference. The company also received the Most Promising Software Product of the Year award from the Connecticut Technology Council.

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United States
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North America / Europe / Australasia
  1. Contract Analyzer (Specialty: Contract Analysis)

    The Contract Analyzer extracts information from current and legacy contracts to ensure that key contractual data and commitments are not missed. Gain insights into your relationships with customers, vendors, partners, and third parties. Use it to minimize your organization’s risks, uncover hidden costs and opportunities, and make more informed business decisions.

    Diligence Accelerator (Specialty: Contract Analysis)

    The Diligence Accelerator allows attorneys to work through the due diligence process more quickly and accurately by extracting content from legal documents, populating due diligence summary templates, and bringing the attorneys directly to the most relevant portions of the contracts being reviewed. The software is easy to use and can analyze a batch of fifty legal documents in less than a minute. The software is not meant to replace a junior attorney but rather to act as a tool to assist an attorney in doing his or her job more accurately and efficiently.