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Liquid Litigation Management

We provide essential matter management tools that make your job easier. We offer something completely unique in the industry… discovery and case management in one product. This allows legal teams to better prepare for and engage in litigation and investigations in the most effective way possible.

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Liquid Litigation Management
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As long-time legal professionals, our founders were growing increasingly frustrated with the inefficient discovery and case management process. That frustration led to the realization that with their own experience and insight, they could fill the void. In 2002, they founded LLM, Inc.

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United States
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North America
  1. Liquid Lit Manager™ (Specialty: Matter Management)

    Using multiple disconnected products results in a broken, fragmented process. There’s a better way. Liquid Lit Manager™ unifies the legal process by combining legal holds, case strategy, matter and budget management, review and analytics in a single, web-based platform. We connect legal strategy to tactics in a way no one else can, so every part of the process is actionable. Our product scales to help corporate and law firm teams gain cost-savings and eliminate inefficiencies.