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Anaqua provides IP management software and services to some of the world’s leading IP owners.

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Over ten years ago, IP leaders from The Coca-Cola Company, Ford Motor Company, Kimberly-Clark, and British American Tobacco identified an important gap within enterprise software solutions. Managing intellectual property with patchworks of commercial and homegrown systems left them with fragile integrations, process gaps, unreliable data and a lack of visibility that increased their costs, limited their effectiveness and exposed them to risk. They took matters into their own hands by collaborating on a specification for a new web-based, unified system for intellectual property – a comprehensive software platform capable of managing and automating the full IP lifecycle of patents, trademarks, designs, trade secrets and contracts. That collaboration and the resulting specification were the genesis of Anaqua, the world’s first web-based unified platform for intellectual property. From the very beginning our technology leadership has been driven by customer- led innovation; a powerful business model that gives clients a direct role in product definition. Our functionality is shaped by expert practitioners. Our workflows, taxonomies and templates have IP expertise built into them. 



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  1. Anaqua Enterprise IAM Software (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    ANAQUA Enterprise IAM software is used by global IP leaders and organizations with significant IP portfolios and more complex IAM requirements. The system is designed to enhance business productivity across multiple functions within the organization, providing a comprehensive IP infrastructure that is integrated with your critical business systems. This solution extends beyond standard Enterprise IP management functions with advanced features such as: patent planning tools to drive innovation and set budgets and goals; portfolio management tools to facilitate the IP strategy dialog with individual business units and make renewal and investment decisions; operational reports on costs, performance and cycle times.