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Brainspace builds software that creates meaningful connections between people and ideas, accelerating the flow of knowledge, discovery, and innovation. Brainspace creates an environment of persistent connectedness that is not possible with other technologies.

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Brainspace creates breakthrough machine learning software that intelligently detects and relates unique phrases in massive unstructured datasets—redefining what it means to search and revolutionizing what is humanly possible.
The platform’s learning is expressed through interactive visualizations that are thoughtfully simple yet unbelievably powerful. Brainspace provides a 360º view which adapts as it follows the user’s train of thought, suggesting additional pathways that help connect the dots even faster.
Our founders have shaped the industry—advancing machine learning and semantic technology over the last 20 years. Our company is intellectually curious and driven with passion to help our clients make new discoveries with less effort than ever before.

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United States
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North America
  1. Brainspace Discovery 5 (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Brainspace Discovery is the industry’s most advanced software for digital investigations and unstructured data analysis. Built on our patented Brainspace platform, Discovery learns dynamically with-out the use of lexicons or taxonomies, giving users a powerful suite of interactive visualizations and search tools to reveal the story within your data. Massively scalable and multilingual, Brainspace Discovery is equipped to handle critical investigations of any size, in any language.