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Global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) & Canada's largest software company.

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OpenText Release 16 and its Enhancement Packs (EP1 and EP2) rise to the challenge by offering the only complete solution for Enterprise Information Management (EIM)—with a comprehensive view of how information flows in a digital enterprise from Engagement to Insight. Whether you need to manage contracts, customer experiences, vendor information, legal discoveries, or procure-to-pay processes, OpenText Release 16 can digitize, automate, and optimize your information flows.

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  1. OpenText Axcelerate (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Leading corporations and law firms are automating as much of the eDiscovery process as possible, from preservation and collection to ECA review and analysis. Only Recommind offers an end-to-end eDiscovery solution available on-premise and in-the-cloud with license and subscription options to meet the needs of any corporation or firm. The industry's most powerful technology and most flexible pricing options have made Recommind the leader in eDiscovery technology.

    OpenText Decisiv (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    Go beyond keywords and search multiple repositories at once to access documents, projects, and even identify internal subject-matter experts with powerful enterprise search.

    OpenText Perceptiv (Specialty: Contract Analysis)

    Perceptiv automates the extraction, processing, and organization of key contract terms, making it easy for finance professionals to understand and report their positions, risk, and collateral.

    EnCase eDiscovery (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    EnCase® eDiscovery Complete gives in-house counsel control and oversight of every phase of the electronic discovery process. This comprehensive and scalable solution for managing electronic evidence for litigation or investigative matters significantly reduces the risk and cost of e-discovery. From initiating legal hold and preservation to early case assessment (ECA), document review and production, EnCase eDiscovery Complete combines the power of EnCase eDiscovery with the flexibility of CaseCentral cloud review to establish the ideal e-discovery environment for corporate legal departments.

    OpenText Content Suite (Specialty: Document Management)

    lobal organizations face complex and daunting challenges in managing the business content they create and receive. But these challenges are also an opportunity to increase productivity and compliance and to reduce storage costs. Today's information workers are creating and editing ever-increasing volumes of content, often collaborating with internal peers and external stakeholders. Deadlines are tight, email inboxes are clogged, and understanding whether the right person has the right version at the right time is often needlessly confusing and time consuming, reducing productivity. Compliance officers and General Counsels are worried that by not identifying and managing content appropriately (business records and non business records), users are increasing the organization’s exposure to risk. And IT is watching storage costs balloon as they have no effective way to identify duplications in email attachments and file shares, what is important to keep, for how long, and what can safely be pushed to lower-cost storage media. Managing, controlling, and securing content is critical to an organization’s overall information governance strategy. OpenText Content Suite Platform, the foundation for OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) offerings, is a comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) system designed to manage the flow of information from capture through archiving and disposition. Content Suite Platform ensures agile information governance to address an increasingly complex and dynamic regulatory landscape and the rapid growth of business information. The Content Suite Platform reduces risk while allowing organizations to focus on using information to drive strategic growth and innovation.

    EnCase Forensic (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Guidance created the category for digital investigation software with EnCase Forensic in 1998. EnCase has maintained its reputation as the gold standard in criminal investigations and was named the Best Computer Forensic Solution for seven consecutive years by SC Magazine. No other solution offers the same level of functionality, flexibility, and has the track record of court-acceptance as EnCase Forensic. With EnCase offering mobile forensics, investigators have the flexibility and convenience they need to complete their investigations quickly and efficiently. 

    OpenText eDOCS (Specialty: Document Management)

    In today’s business environment, information needs to be secure and compliant, yet easy to work with. You need rapid ways to save it, find it, share it, and collaborate on it. OpenText™ eDOCS is a light-footprint, cost-effective, highly-flexible Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution for the Microsoft Office environment that “works the way you do”. It provides an intuitive and collaborative work environment—ensuring sensitive work product is managed, secure, and governed throughout the content lifecycle, while remaining easily accessible for day-to-day operations. eDOCS provides intuitive ways to organize, work with, share, and collaborate on business information—including documents, emails, images, and more. eDOCS technology is also fast to deploy, available across mobile devices, and easily integrates with third-party technology solutions.

    OpenText Contract Center (Specialty: Contract Management)

    Legally binding contracts and agreements touch every area of the enterprise. Too often, they are spread throughout an organization, inaccessible to the people who need information held in them. Organizations must deal with inefficient manual processes, inconsistent formats and disparate storage systems. All of these issues make it harder to work with customers and partners and generate long cycle times and high costs. In addition, lack of centralization makes it impossible to utilize automation to achieve better contract terms and adherence, and identify contracts that need to be updated for business and compliance reasons. Finally, organizations risk non-compliance with internal information governance mandates or regulatory requirements. OpenText Contract Center transforms contract management beyond document workflows with smarter process automation that integrates an enterprise-wide contract portfolio into existing systems and work processes. Combining flexible digital process automation with powerful analytics and the breadth of OpenText’s industry-leading enterprise content management platform, it accelerates cycle times and drives operational efficiency. Organizations gain the visibility needed to take advantage of contract and renewal incentives, share best practices and address non-compliance.

    OpenText Extended ECM (Specialty: Document Management)

    Organizations have to stay competitive to survive. In today's rapidly evolving digital world, this means rapidly adapting to market changes and always looking for new ways to improve both the top and bottom line. Organizations endeavor to transform themselves into digital businesses by providing exceptional customer experiences; however, with brittle, dated and inefficient internal systems and processes, they struggle to make the transformation. Silos of data, complex linear processes and disparate application landscapes are all barriers to transformation. OpenTextTM Extended ECM Platform helps build a foundation for an organization's digital transformation. It improves process productivity by integrating Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with lead applications to bridge silos and enhance information flows.

    OpenText Documentum (Specialty: Document Management)

    We take content seriously. For over 25 years, content has been critical to the operations of OpenText Documentum customers. Our customers have some of the most demanding environments and require a complete content strategy.

    OpenText Core (Specialty: Collaboration)

    Share and collaborate in the cloud. OpenText Core makes collaborating a snap to let you get things done no matter where you are, and a user experience designed to let you work the way you want to work.

    OpenText InfoArchive (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Leave no application data behind. Data can be trapped in applications of the past while business stretches to the future. Bring your data along for the ride.

    OpenText InfoFusion (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Unleash the full potential of your enterprise information with InfoFusion—an Information Access platform that gives you new and improved ways to discover, analyze, and act on unstructured information across your enterprise. With today’s proliferation of content, the enterprise finds itself poorly equipped to manage massive silos of unstructured information, which can create unmitigated risk and adversely affect productivity and agility. At the same time, CIOs are looking at their vendor footprint and the number of overlapping applications to determine what can be rationalized to reduce IT costs and complexity. When these pain points converge on the consumerization of IT and the enterprise's desire to embrace social, mobile, and the cloud, the requirement is clear: an enterprise-class Information Access platform that federates information across all sources.

    OpenText Magellan (Specialty: Analytics)

    Introducing Magellan, a flexible, AI-powered Analytics platform that combines open source machine learning with advanced analytics, enterprise-grade BI, and capabilities to acquire, merge, manage and analyze Big Data and Big Content stored in your Enterprise Information Management (EIM) systems. Magellan enables machine-assisted decision making, automation, and business optimization.

    OpenText Analytics (Specialty: Analytics)

    OpenText™ Analytics Suite helps organizations improve decision-making, gain operational efficiency and increase visibility by enabling IT to place interactive dashboards, reports, and data visualizations quickly into the hands of business users. Leveraging all your data—whether structured or unstructured, internal, CRM, big data, Internet of Things, or social media—in relevant, interactive visualizations, increases your opportunities for growth.