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Osprey is the premier provider of industry-leading compliance software solutions that meet the needs of any industry.

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Osprey Compliance Software
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Our products can be configured to meet your unique requirements or those mandated by outside regulation. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, Osprey has a solution that scales from small to tens of thousands of users. Our total commitment to client success has earned us the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. Our products cover all of your compliance needs from disclosure collection and reviewing, to acknowledgement of attestations and policies, in addition to soliciting responses to company compliance surveys. Since all of our products operate seamlessly together, you can choose just one or a combination of them to suit your particular needs. You may also elect to add on additional ones as your requirements change over time with our flexible, no lock in agreements. Osprey's industry leading products are provided as web-based (SaaS) systems built using proven, industry-standard technologies to be reliable, robust and secure. This approach provides an easy to access solution to users worldwide via a web browser freeing you to focus on your compliance process -- not the technology to run it. Osprey Compliance Software services some of the largest companies in the world. Contact us today to see how our products can become your solution to your compliance needs.

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North America
  1. COI RiskManager (Specialty: Analytics)

    COI RiskManager™ (a powerful web-based solution) efficiently captures, tracks and reports the required disclosures for thousands of individuals across many disciplines quickly and easily. The system also protects organizations by ensuring compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

    COI RiskManager™

    • Easy to use and deploy
    • Reduces risk and costs
    • Proven in world-class organizations
    • Improves organizational effectiveness
    Participants are guided through focused, interactive questionnaires that dynamically prompt them only for necessary information. Additional information is requested only when a potential conflict is detected. The postponement and reminder features enable participants to complete the information at their convenience which helps improve compliance levels.

    AttestManager (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    Our web-based Attestation and Policies solution efficiently captures, tracks and reports tens of thousands of codes of conducts, corporate policies, management forms, certifications and more.