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Adc Legal Systems

Perfect Practice is a leading provider of software, applications and interfaces for the legal industry and other industries nationwide.

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Adc Legal Systems
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Law firms, Banks, Fortune 500 companies and many others rely on Perfect Practice as their total solution. Case Management, Financials, Document Management and Document Generation applications all share an integrated database allowing single point data entry. "Enter Data Once" with the ability to trigger multiple processes dramatically streamlining workflow. Twenty Five-plus years of input from law firms and corporate clients have resulted in a field-tested solution for managing your firm. Thousands of lawyers and others from multiple industries and across all areas of law have come to rely on Perfect Practice is your integrated solution

Perfect Practice provides quality software, training and support services. Our premier product is Total Access, an integrated practice management software solution.  

Perfect Practice offers a variety of services tailored to the needs of legal professionals in private practice, corporate legal departments and governmental legal applications.   

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United States
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North America
  1. Perfect Practice Case Management System (Specialty: Matter Management)

    The Billing & Accounting System allows you to use information entered into Case Management System for “Enter Data Once” billing and financial management. Synergistic Integration streamlines the data entry process. This minimizes the amount of data entry and maximizes accuracy of information.