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Legal Anywhere is the leading provider of secure collaboration tools for the legal marketplace.

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Legal Anywhere
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Founded in 2003, Legal Anywhere® is a software and technology company that provides enterprise collaboration and file sharing solutions that meet a variety of needs in today’s legal marketplace.

Legal Anywhere revolutionized secure collaboration for law firms over a decade ago and has been the market leader ever since, with a unique focus on solving the specific needs for lawyers, regardless of size or practice area.


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United States
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North America
  1. LegalAnywhereConnect™ (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    Our new user experience for our flagship extranet that is used by hundreds of law firms around the world. Our solution enables you to securely share, collaborate and communicate with clients anywhere, anytime, on any device with the most secure, comprehensive and customizable solution available today.

    DealConnect™  (Specialty: eDiscovery Workload Management)

    Makes M&A due diligence, transactions, financial restructuring and complex litigation easy, while creating a competitive advantage for managing successful transactions on time and under budget.

    FirmConnect® (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    Incredibly easy to set up and offers hosted and self-hosted configurations and requires no software development for your firm. Provides partners, associates and staff access to important information, while automating common processes, procedures and workflow.

    FileConnect™ (Specialty: Matter Management)

    Makes secure file sharing easy and direct from you desktop or document management system without having to log into a browser. Instantly upload virtually any file and move directly to any folder structure.

    MobileConnect™  (Specialty: Collaboration)

    Enables your firm and your clients to stay connected with the touch of a button. Access and review documents and receive integrated, real-time communications.