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Since 1995 Microsystems has been a leader in providing complete first draft to final delivery document lifecycle solutions to the life sciences and legal markets and other document-intensive businesses.

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Microsystems was founded over 20 years ago to help organizations spend more time creating great documents and less time fixing them.

We started by helping lawyers and their support staff convert documents from WordPerfect to Microsoft® Word. Over the years, as we’ve learned what goes wrong with complex documents, we have proactively sought out our client’s pain to create solutions for it. We made a simple promise: to solve our clients’ document problems.

We understand that software plus service is what makes the difference; so, our software has always been supported by the foremost customer service in the industry.

Today, we support over 650 organizations across the globe in both legal and life sciences sectors. Not only do our products support multiple parts of the drafting process, but we’re also using artificial intelligence to build smart software that solves the real-life document challenges our clients face, enabling individuals to focus their time on higher value work.

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North America / Europe
  1. Microsystems DocXtools (Specialty: Document Management)

    DocXtools software is a collection of document assessment, cleanup and problem-solving tools that help lawyers and the legal teams that support them to meet client demands by preventing document problems and producing high-quality Word documents more quickly. Simplify your desktop and improve the usability of native Word functionality with DocXtools