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Mitratech is the leading provider of fully integrated enterprise legal management solutions for global legal departments of all sizes, including more than 25% of the Fortune 500. Mitratech’s offerings include the proven TeamConnect and Lawtrac product platforms, both of which offer integrated matter management, e-Billing, legal hold, contracts management, entity management, and compliance solutions. Mitratech clients are able to prove demonstrable value creation for their organization.

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Since building and launching the legal industry’s first web-based application for case management in the 1980s, Mitratech has remained true to a single, clearly defined mission: making the legal department the best-run function in your organization. Every technological advancement and business decision we’ve made over nearly 30 years has been driven by our focused commitment to solving the complex needs of the General Counsel’s office. Our comprehensive solutions enable legal teams to be more proactive, predictable, globally scaled, and value driven.


Though we are proud of our team’s accomplishments over the last three decades, we owe a debt of gratitude to our clients. We work with many of the most innovative and influential corporate legal departments in the world. Partnering with such high-caliber teams has given us priceless insights into how the roles and responsibilities of corporate legal are growing and changing.


As the needs of our clients have expanded and become increasingly complex, we have expanded and adapted our software to meet those needs head on. We have also collaborated closely with our clients and their peers to develop a set of foundational best practices for enterprise legal management. This combination of technical and operational expertise helps us serve our clients as a valuable resource and ally.


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  1. MitraTech TeamConnect Matter Management (Specialty: Matter Management)

    TeamConnect Matter Management streamlines your legal operations and litigation workflow through process automation and supplies your team the critical matter financial and performance metrics all while reducing legal spend regardless of the size and complexity of your legal department. TeamConnect Clients have reported up to a 75 reduction in time spent opening new matters.

    MitraTech TeamConnect GRC (Specialty: Policies Management)

    TeamConnect GRC provides a broad range of legal governance, risk management & compliance applications that fit any industry vertical. Configure TeamConnect GRC to the legal department’s needs, such as tracking regulations, managing compliance, antitrust, ethics, policies & procedures, export controls, internal investigations, information security and privacy, data loss prevention, records retention, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and HR-related certification programs.

    MitraTech Secretariat (Specialty: Entity Management)

    In today’s environment the regulatory reporting risk is high, and it is important that entity information is comprehensive, complete, and accurate. Secretariat allows the Corporate Secretary to manage legal entity and ownership structures according to the company's corporate governance best practices. This provides an easy way to visualize the hierarchal structure of the entire organization while creating a single source where all records are maintained, and ensuring that filing deadlines are met.

    MitraTech eCounsel (Specialty: Spend Management)

    eCounsel allows legal teams to be in complete control of their information, delivering integrated matter management, e-Billing, reporting and analytics, and complete document management designed specifically for the legal department. Once they are able to capture and track everything, the department can readily identify patterns and trends from a single source. As a result, attorneys can easily stay on top of all the legal work being performed and ensure that nothing falls between the cracks. Users are able to quickly create reports to demonstrate compliance and stay on top of workload to help the organization avoid risk, not just respond to it. In addition, a unified matter management and e-Billing solution helps the legal department avoid overpayment and control costs with sophisticated rules to enforce billing guidelines.

    Lawtrac Spend Management (Specialty: Spend Management)

    Mitratech’s Lawtrac offers a quick, easy, and powerful legal management solution that provides legal departments with an instant way to increase the efficiency of the existing legal team and reduce costs. With a modern and intuitive user interface, users will quickly adopt the technology and feel empowered by what Lawtrac can simply accomplish.

    Mitratech GettingContractsDone (Specialty: Contract Management)

    GettingContractsDone (GCD) was designed specifically for busy departments seeking to manage contract creation, processing, and execution with a powerful, yet easy-to-use and implement, contract management solution. Organizations that select GCD as their contract management solution are typically small groups that need a seamless way to receive and work on contracts – usually transactional – from any number of business stakeholders. These teams require a single system of record to store historical contracts and generate reminders around milestones and renewal dates, yet also provides a way to easily collaborate using a hosted solution.

    MitraTech Collaborati eBilling (Specialty: Spend Management)

    Collaborati is available to vendors of TeamConnect clients who use Collaborati Spend Management CSM e-billing module. No software installation is required by the vendor so it is very easy to implement e-billing.

    ThinkSmart Workflow Automation (Specialty: Document Assembly)

    ThinkSmart’s Transaction Automation Platform (TAP) lets you design and build almost any contract based workflow process. Using the TAP contract workbench users can effectively collaborate in an online workspace delegating and completing tasks, engage in forum based conversations, manage review and approval processes, and drive contracts to completion with controlled workflow based stages.

    Controlled Matter Management (Specialty: Matter Management)

    Matter management can be a tricky business, fraught with risk, and requiring strict oversight and controls over content and data. Without a dedicated application to manage matter items things get messy fast. When things get messy you’re out of compliance and when you’re non-complaint, you incur risk that you most certainly don’t desire.

    MitraTech OpRiskControl (Specialty: Analytics)

    Mitratech’s OpRiskControl product is an enterprise risk management (ERM) solution for growing organizations that understand managing risks and incidents in spreadsheets and paper files is no longer sustainable. According to OCEG®, 53% of organizations are managing GRC in spreadsheets, documents and e-mail, and only 27% feel their technology is aligned with their risk management needs. When operating across multiple departments, not all risks are adequately monitored and incidents may not be reported. This leaves the organization without an auditable trail and makes the susceptible to monetary and reputational damages. OpRiskControl reduces the manual and administrative burden, allowing the company to focus on proactive and effective risk management.

    MitraTech PolicyHub (Specialty: Policies Management)

    Mitratech’s PolicyHub consistently delivers a complete, cost effective, and measurable policy management solution. From creating, updating, approving and communicating policies to automated knowledge assessments, audit and reporting, PolicyHub gives an organization the program it needs to demonstrate corporate responsibility and a defensible compliance program, reducing the risk of breeches and heavy fines while making the policy compliance function more efficient.

    Viewabill (Specialty: Spend Management)

    Legal departments are facing increased budget scrutiny and expanded expectations on legal spend management and reporting. Without real-time visibility or collaboration on billable time, they are left in the dark wondering if a matter will come in over budget, over time, or over scope. With Viewabill, in-house legal teams are able to leverage the same data source as their law firms, and use that real-time insight to proactively monitor progress and analyze trends.

    DataStoreDSX (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Mitratech’s DataStoreDSX is a comprehensive Information Governance software platform that delivers end-to-end control of all the content across an organization. This includes scanned documents, text files, images, word documents, emails, print streams and spreadsheets.

    CMO Compliance (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Mitratech’s CMO Compliance is a leading solution for enterprise-wide Health and Safety needs. With a robust web-based platform, and mobile solutions for both iOS and Windows, CMO Compliance offers a simple, intuitive interface for employees, increasing their adherence to procedures, improving health and safety outcomes, and ultimately protecting an organization's most valuable asset: employees.