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Orienge is a software development, sales, and consulting organization focusing on Information Management, Enterprise Content Management and Accounts Payable Automation in the United States.

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Orienge is aimed at solving content and process oriented business tasks by means of a powerful and agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system named Conterra. The Orienge Conterra system is built on an ECM and business platform designed by Russia-based company Directum (, an Orienge strategic partner.

The key goal of Orienge is to bring new opportunities to business owners and managers with a full-functional Enterprise Content Management system, as well as ready-to-use and affordable business solutions such as Contract Management, Records Management, Financial Information Management (FIM), and many others.

Orienge provides a wide range of services for successful implementation of ECM solutions, from customer features analysis & system customization, to staff training and support methodology. The Orienge team consists of experienced and high grade professionals.

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United States
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North America
  1. Orienge Contract Management Software (Specialty: Contract Management)

    The Orienge Contract Management solution helps you avoid many costly pitfalls that sap a great deal of time and money from your organization. The solution is designed to dramatically improve key business processes and remove the negative pitfalls related to managing contracts The powerful and agile contract management software allows you to handle all business processes associated with contracts more consistently, confidently, and profitably. You will benefit through elimination of a number of risks (including erroneous payments), improved information security, and greater compliance control.

    Benefits of Tthe Orienge Contract Management


    • Contract creation time is reduced by 3/4.
      Users are empowered with standard document templates, and the powerful Conterra “Contract Generator”. This effective proprietary combination allows users to instantly create contracts with ready-to-use mockups selecting appropriate parameters and contract clauses.

    • The contract approval process is reduced by 2/3.
      Contract approval processes are managed with consistency and transparency. Your specific organizational process logic and rules are predefined in a series of appropriate steps complete with deadlines and authorized approving parties. Conterra provides you with the ability to name substitute approvers in absentia. Your contracts will never get bogged down again because someone was out of the office!

    • Contract document search time is decreased exponentially by a factor of 10.
      The powerful Conterra search engine provides for maximum efficiency. Users can find a required document in a variety of easy ways: by ANY of its attributes; by a part of the document text; or by the very powerful “full-text search relevance”.

    • Risks of missing contract expiration dates are eliminated (decreased 100%).
      The Conterra Contract Management module features a powerful review agent reminding the responsible user to review the document at a specified date. It will be your new best friend.

    • Risks of confidential information leakage decreases by 90%.
      Content confidentiality is ensured by controlling access rights, encrypting document content, and logging and tracking ALL actions performed on ANY document throughout the whole contract process.

    • Analytical reports and statistics preparation time is decreased 8 to 12 times.
      Orienge software for contract management empowers users with a wide range of reports. Any reference can also be exported to Microsoft Excel with selected visible fields.

    • Contract management processes Total Cost of Ownership is CUT IN HALF.
      With all the solution implementation effects, the TCO for your contract-related process drops significantly.