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We are a leading provider of online legal services, and have been helping companies for over 120 years.

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ELM Solutions, a Wolters Kluwer company, was formed in 2014 by the merging of Datacert and TyMetrix, the two Enterprise Legal Management industry leaders. We started as early pioneers in legal e-billing and, over more than two decades, have continued to drive the evolution of the legal technology market as our clients’ needs have evolved and grown.
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More than 500
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English / French
  1. Passport® Legal Matter Management (Specialty: Matter Management)

    Passport Legal Matter Management optimizes legal department performance and enables more strategic management of matters and legal risk. The solution makes the day-to-day responsibilities of legal department staff easier and supports the needs of executive management through its ability to:

      - Simplify how lawyers and legal staff work

      - Automate and streamline legal business processes

      - Enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing among internal and external legal team members

      - Provide visibility across a matter portfolio

      - Illustrate the relationships between cost, financial and business risk, department workload, outside counsel use, and matter status

      - Inform strategic decision making to improve matter outcomes and mitigate legal risk

    Built on Passport, Datacert's patented technology platform, Passport Legal Matter Management is available as a standalone application or can be combined with Passport Legal Spend Management, which enables outside counsel e-billing and in-depth analysis of matter costs and legal spend. The solution also integrates seamlessly with Passport GRC . This integration allows legal, risk, and compliance functions to easily share information and processes and close the loop on compliance issues that become legal matters.

    Passport® Legal Spend Management (Specialty: Spend Management)

    Passport Legal Spend Management, which includes e-billing for outside counsel, dramatically improves corporate counsel’s ability to manage and reduce costs. With its ability to capture detailed cost data from outside counsel, streamline business processes, and provide actionable analytics, Passport Legal Spend Management represents a critical part of a legal department’s strategy for effective management of matters and risk. The solution empowers in-house legal departments to:

    - Automate and streamline cumbersome invoice audit and review processes

    - Collaborate and manage relationships with outside counsel more effectively

    - Gain deep visibility into legal costs

    - Make smarter decisions about how they source legal work

    - Improve the predictability of legal spend

    - Drive down legal expenses

    Built on Passport, Datacert's patented technology platform, Passport Legal Spend Management is available as a standalone application or can be combined with Passport Legal Matter Management, which provides the ability to track all matter-related information, documents, and deadlines in one place and gain a comprehensive view of legal risk across a matter portfolio. The solution also integrates seamlessly with Passport GRC. This integration allows legal, risk, and compliance functions to easily share information and processes and gain better visibility into the true cost of compliance breaches.

    Passport® GRC (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Passport GRC is a comprehensive governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management solution. It gives corporations the tools they need to assess regulatory and other operational risk, manage and audit policies and controls, and monitor compliance.  This enables them to effectively mitigate risk and avoid many compliance incidents.  When a loss or incident does occur, Passport GRC can help repair the damage quickly, minimize penalties, and avoid similar future incidents.   Using the solution, companies:

      - Improve business performance and increase business agility and competitiveness

      - Optimize efficiency and reduce GRC-related costs while improving effectiveness

      - Build their GRC programs according to unique business requirements

      - Improve visibility into risk exposure

      - Mitigate regulatory fines and risk exposure

      - Provide a defensible history of compliance

    Built on Passport, Datacert's patented technology platform, Passport GRC is a modular, yet integrated, solution that allows companies to take a scalable approach to GRC.  Clients select the components they need to address their most crucial GRC requirements and expand the system with additional components as needs grow.  Passport GRC includes components for:  Compliance and Policy Management, Risk Management, Internal Audit Management, and Incident and Inquiry Management.   The Passport GRC solution also integrates seamlessly with Passport Legal Matter and Spend Management.  This allows legal staff to collaborate with risk and compliance teams from across the organization, which eliminates gaps in communication, information-sharing, compliance, and cost management.

    Passport® Claims Defense (Specialty: Spend Management)

    Passport Claims Defense enables smart and efficient procurement, management, and delivery of legal services for claims organizations to help property and casualty insurers improve expense and loss ratios. Using the solution, claims departments: - Reduce costs - Get better results and value from counsel - Manage cases more proactively - Identify cases for settlement earlier - Better prepare for cases that need to be tried Built on Passport, Datacert's patented technology platform, Passport Claims Defense offers two modular, yet integrated, components: one supports claims professionals in their management of staff and/or outside counsel; the other supports the day-to-day case management needs of staff attorneys. These components may be used individually, or together as a comprehensive, integrated solution.

    Tymetrix 360 Spend Management (Specialty: Spend Management)

    Built upon the most highly-configurable SAAS technology platform in the industry TyMetrix 360 is global and mobile scalable and flexible allowing you to adapt it to your own best practices or to adopt the best practices of industry leaders across the globe

    Tymetrix 360 Matter Management (Specialty: Matter Management)

    Get a complete and transparent view of your entire matter portfolio with the intelligent Matter Management module that helps you institute best-practice matter handling Increase insight and productivity with a single source of case information across all practice areas including matter profiles and details important dates documents assessments exposures evaluations progress notes predictions issues contacts and notes

    Corsearch Pharma Clearance (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    Our innovative pharmaceutical search gives you a complete picture of potentially conflicting marks worldwide. Expert searchers with pharmaceutical and regulatory knowledge and experience with therapeutic codes, administration, dosage, competitive products, client affiliates, and partners analyze potentially conflicting marks.

    Effacts Entity Management (Specialty: Entity Management)

    Effacts' Entity Management solution is brilliantly easy to use, intuitive and highly configurable. * Key Benefits includes: a single platform to manage all legal entities, Workflows initiating required actions for users and ensuring that obligations are met, Sophisticated user rights & access, Automatic notifications alerting users to pending actions, Automatic org charts, Virtual data room for due diligence, Flexible overviews and reports.

    Effacts Contract Management (Specialty: Contract Management)

    Effacts' Contract Management System is brilliantly easy-to-use while highly configurable. * Key benefits include: unlimited contract types, easy-to-use templates and clauses, version control, complete audit trails, advanced role-based access rights & security, best practice checklists and lessons-learned, end-to-end Workflow for tasks and approvals, alerts & notifications, state-of-the-art governance framework and of course all this with flexible reports.

    Effacts Board & Committees Meetings Management (Specialty: Board Management)

    Effacts' Board & Committees meeting management solution is brilliantly easy-to-use, highly configurable and intuitive. * Key Benefits include: Secure database to store and share all multiple committees agendas, documents etc., Multiple predefined templates for meeting agendas, Built-in annotation in PDF, Sophisticated used based access and rights, Workflow, Alerts & notifications, Compatible with all tablets and PC, Virtual boardroom accessible online or on iPad, Flexible reporting options.

    LegalVIEW Analytics (Specialty: Spend Management)

    LegalVIEW® is the world’s largest source of legal performance data, including more than $80B-worth of legal spend. LegalVIEW powers benchmarking intelligence, predictive and analytical models, and management insights embedded in Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions’ legal analytics portfolio. The data in LegalVIEW is from actual legal invoices, not surveys, which provide the most accurate, reliable, and granular data for analysis and insights.

    Corsearch Trademark Clearance (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    While the Internet has emerged as a valuable common law source, Corsearch searches thousands of online sources, periodicals, databases, directories, books and proprietary compilations that are often not accessible through the Internet. Our common law library continues to grow as industries change, mediums for information evolve and your needs shift. Our web common law search consists of a thorough search of targeted industry-specific websites that is customized to each individual order. This is automatically included in the U.S. Comprehensive Search, and can now be ordered separately or in combination with other search products.

    Corsearch Screening Platform (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    Move seamlessly from initial query — with our proprietary, best-in-class phonetics engine — to a completely customizable screening review. Then create charts with the information you need in the format you want to build finished documents. Trademark practitioners recognize Corsearch Screening as a reliable, sophisticated easy-to-use screening tool. Corsearch extends the completeness of your workflow tools even further with document-building tools.

    Corsearch Domain Vigilance (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    Corsearch’s patented technology gives you everything you need to find and evaluate the myriad of online threats to brands and to create usable infringement evidence with a fully automated solution. The Corsearch Digital Brand Solutions platform makes it easy to monitor vast amounts of complex data online, and delivers the information that legal and marketing professionals need to prioritize and act on the most serious threats to the brands they represent.