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Epona products and services have absorbed the mandatory diligence and high quality standards inherent in the legal industry, evidenced in the timely delivery and demonstrated expertise with Legal IT retained by the company.

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With our dedicated consultants, developers and staff, Epona enjoys meeting the software solution needs of hundreds of organizations since 1993. With a highly valued partner network and offices in Rotterdam, Düsseldorf, Lisbon and New York, Epona is a leading legal tech company.

We process simplicity and shape IT around you. We keep IT simple and effectively accomplish what is important with the least possible. Our consultants and solutions will get you started down the path of making major, easily adopted and profitable improvements.

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  1. DMSforLegal (Specialty: Document Management)

    DMSforLegal enables law firms, corporate legal departments, and accounting firms to use Microsoft SharePoint as a document and email management system.

    Contract Manager (Specialty: Contract Management)

    ContactManager is a powerful and easy to use client relationship management (CRM) system, uniquely designed for the Professional Services Market.

    Legal World (Specialty: Document Assembly)

    LegalWord enables legal professionals to quickly and easily create documents with a consistent professional corporate identity.

    Legal Desktop (Specialty: Collaboration)

    The Legal Desktop is suitable for firms looking for a comprehensive cloud based workplace for a fixed fee per month per user.

    TMTalk (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    TMTalk is a trademark registration management (TRM) application for Intellectual Property (IP) professionals.