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AdvantageLaw has been a leader in innovative solutions for law firms, as well as corporate and government law departments since 1981.  Founded in California by Silicon Valley software developers, and originating with our ABA-approved legal software system, we have continually upgraded the capabilities of our legal software products and have served hundreds of satisfied customers. 

We continue to proudly serve hundreds of law firms throughout the country.  We love what we do and are happy to say that many of our customers have been using AdvantageLaw for more than two decades! Check out our affordable prices and read testimonials from many satisfied customers. 

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United States
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North America
  1. Advantage Xpress (Specialty: Spend Management)

    Advantage Xpress is designed for small firms (one to three attorneys. It's a full-featured, integrated billing, accounting and management system. Adding on docket, conflicts and notes functions makes Advantage Xpress an incredible value.

    Advantage Xpress has all the functionality - billing status, calendar, conflicts, in one place. A series of tabs lets you select the function you want.

    Corporate Legal Advantage (Specialty: Matter Management)

    AdvantageLaw is a licensed desktop software solution that provides law firms with an integrated billing, accounting and case management system. Our software package ties the following functions into a comprehensive and easy-to-use desktop program: • Timekeeping • Case Management • Cost & Credit Recording • Billing & Invoices • Accounts Payable & Receivable • Trust Accounting • Conflict Searches • General Ledger • Financial & Productivity Reporting • Document Management • Notes/To Do List • Auto Billing (for MS Outlook) • Calendar/Docket (for MS Outlook)