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CaseManagerPro is used to manage millions of cases, claims and transactions, both SaaS and installed locally.

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In 1999, a team of “rocket scientist” engineers with deep technical roots in the Raytheon Corporation set out on a mission to redefine legal practice management. They envisioned using technology to help law firms capture, manage and share case information far more effectively than anything on the market allowed.

The team at our company designed software solutions to support major law firms in the management of asbestos mass tort litigation — generally considered the most complex, voluminous and document-intensive cases in the industry. After successfully helping firms manage large mass tort litigation, they branched out to support other types of cases, including large multidistrict litigation.

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United States
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North America
  1. CaseManagerPro (Specialty: Matter Management)

    CaseManagerPro legal case management software brings every element of your cases and matters into a centralized, well-organized system that is adapted to match your specific practice needs. Every person and company, document and note, deadline and issue can be captured, managed, reported, linked and shared to provide ready access to whatever you need, when you need it. CaseManagerPro allows the entire team involved in a case or matter — including inside counsel, law firms and trusted third parties — to be better organized and connected to all elements of a case, wherever they are. When you use CaseManagerPro to manage cases you can expect many benefits, including unmatched client responsiveness, improved productivity and reduced costs. We’ve created unique features that allow you to fine-tune the system to your specific needs. You’ll find that CaseManagerPro is backed by a very experienced, intelligent and client-driven team that works to ensure that the system meets and exceeds the needs of every client.