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TITUS solutions enable organizations to classify, protect and confidently share their information.

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TITUS solutions enable organizations to classify, protect and confidently share their information. With over 2 million users worldwide, our solutions enable enterprises, military and government organizations to classify information and meet regulatory compliance by securing unstructured information. Products include TITUS Classification, the leading message, document and file classification and labeling solutions that enhance data loss prevention by involving end users in identifying sensitive information; and the TITUS family of classification and security solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. TITUS solutions are deployed within over 500 organizations around the world, including Dow Corning, United States Air Force, NATO, Pratt and Whitney, Canadian Department of National Defence, Australian Department of Defence, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.


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North America
  1. TITUS Classification Suite (Specialty: Contract Analysis)

    Identify the business value of unstructured data at the time of creation, so that your organization knows what data it has and how it should be protected. From automated classification to user-driven classification built into the user’s regular workflow, TITUS Classification provides the most advanced and flexible solution to meet your business needs.

    TITUS SharePoint Suite (Specialty: Collaboration)

    Match each user’s trusted attributes (claims) with the document’s metadata to manage and control access to sensitive content in your SharePoint libraries. Access privileges are verified with each item request, providing dynamic enforcement of fine-grained access policies.