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X1 provides blazingly fast access to information that people need to maximize their productivity and make the best decisions

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X1 Discovery
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X1 creates exceptional solutions for people and organizations that need to find information, whether on individual desktops, company networks or social media at the fastest speeds in the industry. Powered by patented1 and award winning technology, X1 supports more than 600 enterprise customers and more than 500,000 active commercial and government users.

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United States
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North America
  1. X1 Social Discovery (Specialty: Preservation/Collection)

    X1 Social Discovery aggregates comprehensive social media content and web-based data into a single user interface, collects vital metadata in a legally defensible manner and preserves the chain of custody. X1 Social Discovery saves customers vast amounts of time and money through the automated – and simultaneous – collection of data from multiple social media accounts.

    X1 Distributed Discovery (Specialty: Preservation/Collection)

    X1 Distributed Discovery revolutionizes how organizations search, identify and collect documents at the desktop level across numerous endpoints with industry-leading speed. For the first time in the industry, X1 Distributed Discovery empowers legal and IT teams to generate and actually adjust keyterms in real-time, before collection.

    X1 Search (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    X1 Search provides users the fastest, simplest way to find and work with the exact information they need and thought they’d never find again. By providing the fastest access to their documents and email, X1 Search unlocks the potential for people to leverage years of experience with just a few keystrokes, dramatically improve productivity, and function at their highest level.