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For over a decade, BIA has been developing and implementing defensible, technology driven software solutions complimented by mature professional services that reduce the costs and risks related to litigation, regulatory compliance and internal investigations and audits.

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BIA is a leader in the legal information management industry, with over a decade of experience helping companies, governmental agencies, and law firms successfully manage data for lawsuits, regulatory matters, and investigations. Our Professional Services teams provide defensible, affordable, and integrated solutions that address the entire litigation and regulatory lifecycle, from initial identification and collection through review, production, and presentation. Our customers are our #1 priority, and we strive every day to provide the most defensible and cost-effective solutions available combined with exceptional customer service.

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North America
  1. BIA TotalDiscovery (Specialty: Preservation/Collection)

    Notifying employees and others of the obligation to retain documents and data AND ensuring that specific relevant systems and data stores are preserved – so that the organization is protected from preservation sanctions and fines – is not an easy task – especially for legal purposes like lawsuits, regulatory matters and internal risk investigations. There are many moving parts and many different groups of people involved. The legal requirements for handling documents and data correctly are nothing short of challenging. TotalDiscovery simplifies the entire legal data preservation, including the entire eDiscovery process, by automating key tasks and guiding users through proven expert workflows. These workflows create process efficiency while ensuring defensibility and compliance with your legal and preservation obligations.