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Litera's solutions for corporate legal departments help professionals mitigate risk improve productivity and protect reputations

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At the core of every business lies content creation and document production. Documents are the currency of business. Content defines such currency and gives it its value. However, content is subject to artificial barriers affecting document creation, sharing, collaboration, mobility and security. For a business to prosper, these barriers must be overcome.

Complicating matters is a paradox of document management: You need control; you want productivity. Thanks to smartphones, tablets and laptops, business can be conducted remotely, which adds to productivity, but control is often sacrificed for that convenience. There must be a better way to work more intuitively so you can control the content lifecycle process, overcome barriers and be more productive.

A better way exists, and it is pioneered by Litéra, the innovative leader in content lifecycle management. We offer a comprehensive solution set that enables the document control businesses want, without sacrificing the mobility and productivity they need. In the process, content creation and production becomes more efficient, saving an organization time and money.

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  1. Litera Anywhere Suite (Specialty: Document Management)

    The Litéra Anywhere™ suite offers complete Document Lifecycle Intelligence®; this suite protects your content, providing tools to protect reputation, manage risk and increase productivity, helping you get the job done, on any device, anywhere. Remote users can easily access the tools and content needed to do their job and collaborate more effectively in a cyber-secure environment.