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Our mission is to help our customers organize data, discover the truth, and act on it. And that doesn’t just mean building great e-discovery software for managing massive vol-umes of electronic evidence during litigation or investigations. It means fulfilling the vision we set for our product, Relativity: to simplify and accelerate how the world conducts e-discovery by bringing the entire process and community together in one open, flexible, connected plat-form.

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Beginning as a small software consulting firm in 2001, kCura has since grown to be an e-discovery software company with more than 350 team members and an expanding group of global partners and clients, with Andrew’s original focus on building great software intact. We decided to focus on e-discovery software specifically after a consulting engagement with a law firm, in which Andrew saw the need for an easy-to-use litigation review application. It was a risk to drop the consulting practice to focus on this software, joining a decade-old industry with well-established legacy products.

We did find a place in the industry with Relativity and Method, which help corporations, law firms, and government agencies solve e-discovery challenges. Both were designed with the end user in mind and are offered as in-house installations or on demand through our partners. As an organization that is focused on technology, we are continuously finding ways to make our software more flexible, more scalable, and easier to use.

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  1. Relativity Method (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Method is a web-based workflow and notification system for the management of legal hold and risk assessment processes. Built on the e-discovery review platform Relativity, this enterprise solution provides individuals who oversee legal holds with flexible tools to streamline workflow, improve defensibility, and mitigate risks. Method helps users organize the hold process into a straightforward, repeatable progression. Instead of using several software products, spreadsheets, locally-saved documents, and individual e-mail accounts, users can centralize their processes and hold-related information using one web-based application. With Method, users can send out legal hold notifications by e-mail, interview custodians to gather information, track and analyze responses, and generate reports to maintain a defensibly-sound audit trail of all communications with custodians and other relevant parties.

    Relativity (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Whether it’s litigation, information governance, a government request, or an internal investigation, Relativity gives you a complete set of flexible tools to tackle your unique challenges through every phase of a project. Being a Relativity user also means joining a community of more than 155,000 peers looking to learn from each other and share their experiences.

    RelativityOne (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    RelativityOne gives you the flexibility to meet the diverse challenges of litigation and investigations with a scalable, secure, and easy-to-run SaaS product. Make e-discovery easier every step of the way, from identifying who’s involved in a matter to analyzing their data and uncovering the real story.