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Focused on providing world-class professional advice in complex strategic governance and compliance assignments, we utilise both our global capabilities and deeply rooted local knowledge.

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Red Flag Group
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Our industry experts recognise the challenges of managing a global compliance infrastructure and the time constraints this puts on the organisation. Our solutions are designed to support our clients by providing secure and tested programmes, thus reducing the delivery risks to our clients and shortening implementation time.

We are focused on three primary businesses rather than on a broad range of advisory services. These are Corporate Governance and Compliance Advisory, Due Diligence, and Technology. We believe this focus is why our business continues to expand, often attracting clients through referrals and recruiting industry experts who want to work in a firm focused on excelling at our core activities.

Our Corporate Governance and Compliance Advisory services focus on offering practical solutions for organisations. These include governance advice and design, compliance risk assessment, ethics and corporate culture development, board reviews, director selection, compliance programme development and implementation, including training, education and communication. We can follow up with audits, reviews and health checks.

The focus of our Due Diligence services ranges from simple background checks to a full due diligence of an organisation’s compliance programme.

Our team of experts gather intelligence and carry out customised due diligence reviews in over 190 countries. They include compliance specialists, attorneys, forensic accountants and intelligence specialists.

We offer global integrity due diligence solutions for mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, sales channels, vendors, suppliers and resellers, agents and third parties, key employees, business partners and government interfaces.

Our focus on Technology brings you a simple to use, secure, web-based software that allows you to manage your legal and compliance functions globally, in one single portal. Our ComplianceDesktop® Technology Platform has a flexible product structure that lets you select the applications which best suit your present business needs and provides a complete picture of compliance infrastructure across your organisation.

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English / Chinese
  1. Red Flag Group ComplianceDesktop Technology Platform (Specialty: Financial Crime)

    ComplianceDesktop® Technology Platform is a unique enterprise compliance-management service platform which allows you to access web applications that have been designed for in-house lawyers and compliance professionals. It allows you to manage your legal and compliance functions in one single portal.