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The KnowledgeLake solution provides legal firms with fast, easy scanning of paper and the capture of electronic documents, along with sophisticated indexing of these documents for faster search and retrieval.

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At KnowledgeLake, we deliver document capture and imaging solutions designed for these challenges. Our industry-leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software takes the hassles out of paperwork and provides a lower cost of ownership and higher return on investment than the competition. With our help, you will spend less time chasing paper and more time doing what you do best; serving people.

KnowledgeLake ECM solutions increase productivity between staff, partners, and clients. They can reduce or eliminate time-consuming duplicate data entry and routing of information. Once paper has been converted to digitally formatted information, typically by scanning the paper, it can be handled much faster and more efficiently. Documents and transactions can be linked by key metadata tags and then automatically routed based on business rules placed upon the values held within the document.

Even the process of capturing the data can be optimized with features such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), data validation, and database index lookups. Integration with backend systems, front-end systems, and database repositories can help match and auto-populate key metadata fields and triggers. These validation and automation steps reduce data entry errors and enhance accuracy and processing efficiencies.

The routing of information around the organization via an automated electronic workflow can eliminate paperwork delays, and enable staff to easily track files through their process lifecycle. Legal firms can streamline operations and deliver better client services through more efficient business flow processes. Subsequently, this increases productivity, reduces cost, and achieves regulatory compliance

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  1. KnowledgeLake ECM (Specialty: Document Management)

    KnowledgeLake has helped hundreds of organizations do more with less by streamlining document-intensive back-office routines Areas within the Legal profession that benefit greatly from ECM include contract management case management consolidations mergers records management human resources and accounting