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Our cloud-driven, Microsoft Word®-based legal document automation platform makes lawyers, contract managers and procurement professionals more productive and legal work more efficient. Our automated contract abstraction and analysis service and our assembly and negotiation solutions are used by Fortune 500 companies and AmLaw 100 law firms throughout the U.S.

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Brightleaf provides a technology powered service to extract information from your contracts using our own proprietary semantic intelligence/natural language processing technology, our own team of lawyers to check the output, and our own Six-Sigma process to deliver end-to-end, highly accurate, extracted data from your contracts.

The data can be virtually anything, and it is customized for each of your type of contracts.  All meta-data, terms and conditions, legal provisions, and even all obligations (which are usually scattered throughout your contracts) are extracted by our software.  This extracted data is checked by our team of lawyers, and provided in a format for easy upload into any system, such as a Contract Lifecycle Management System (CLM), for tracking and reporting

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North America / South Asia
  1. Brightleaf (Specialty: Contract Management)

    Brightleaf’s semantic intelligence engine/natural language processing technology is a proprietary software platform for analyzing and abstracting any and all commercial terms, legal provisions, and obligations from any text-based legal document. The underlying architecture understands linguistics, along with broad and multi-layered grammatical constructs, allowing it to parse complex legal language across any number of contracts and companion documents such as amendments, addendums, side letters, etc. It further refines the results using custom rule sets, tailored by Brightleaf specifically for your documents, resulting in a highly detailed and accurate index of all your contract data.