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Nuix's powerful, intuitive information management technologies make it possible to search, investigate and actively manage unstructured data sets of any size or complexity.

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Nuix protects, informs, and empowers society in the knowledge age. Leading organizations around the world turn to Nuix when they need fast, accurate answers for investigation, cybersecurity incident response, insider threats, litigation, regulation, privacy, risk management, and other essential challenges. Nuix makes small work of big data volumes and complex file formats. Our solutions combine advanced technology with the extensive knowledge of our global team of industry experts. We bring data to life with clarity and intelligence to solve critical business problems, reduce crime, and secure and manage information.

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North America / Europe
  1. Nuix eDiscovery Workstation (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Nuix eDiscovery Workstation enables you to rapidly find critical evidence, people of interest and the documents upon which the case will turn. Nuix eDiscovery Workstation is a complete and scalable off-the-shelf solution for processing, investigation, analysis, review and production. It can be installed anywhere, including behind a company firewall and in the cloud.

    Nuix Director (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Nuix Director is a web application that empowers eDiscovery analysts and technicians to complete eDiscovery tasks much faster than before. It harnesses the power of the Nuix Engine into highly automated workflows that deliver consistent, repeatable, and defensible results. Nuix Director features an easy-to-read, interactive dashboard that gives users access to template-driven workflows and customer-ready reports for all stages of the eDiscovery process.

    Nuix Web Reviewer (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Nuix Web Review & Analytics makes it easy to provide secure and compartmentalized access to case data for multiple reviewers, investigators, subject matter experts and external parties. It offers seamless integration with Nuix eDiscovery and Nuix Director.

    Nuix Legal Hold (Specialty: Legal Hold)

    Nuix Legal Hold helps organizations meet this duty to preserve. The system is an easy, low-cost way to issue legal hold notifications and manage custodian acknowledgements. You can quickly send a hold that fulfills a good-faith and timely approach while documenting your preservation efforts.

    Nuix Investigation & Response (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Nuix Corporate Investigation Suite makes it easy for businesses to collect, process, analyze, review, and report on electronic evidence, all in one simple solution that scales to meet your needs. It empowers IT, legal, compliance, HR, and security teams to perform all stages of the digital investigation process without having to learn complex forensic tools and processes.

    Nuix Sensitive Data Finder (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Nuix Sensitive Data Finder gives you transparency into what sensitive data your organization has, where it is stored, and what compliance obligations you have to manage it. This helps you meet all relevant regulatory requirements around storing, managing, protecting, and disposing of private and high-risk information.

    Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Nuix Insight Analytics & Intelligence is a powerful and intuitive data analysis platform that makes it incredibly easy to extract and inter-act with intelligence from nearly any data source or file type. It combines the Nuix Engine’s renowned high-speed data processing capabilities with advanced and scalable analytics to correlate and contextualize information, delivering relevant insights faster.

    Nuix Voice (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Nuix Voice powered by Voci integrates Voci’s V-Discovery speech analytics platform with Nuix’s portfolio of products for eDiscovery, investigation, information governance, cybersecurity, and intelligence. It turns recorded and live speech into accurate and fully-punctuated transcripts for analysis, search, and additional down-stream processing.