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Exari was designed from the ground up as an enterprise-strength standards-based solution for automating contracts and other document intensive processes.

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Companies are demanding a better way to manage their contracts. Unfortunately, the promise of contract management has failed to live up to its enterprise potential with limited implementations meeting siloed departmental needs. Without a unified approach to enterprise contract management, companies will continue to have an incomplete picture of the value and risks buried within contracts. There is a better way.

Exari has become the new leader in enterprise contract management. Over the years we have developed market-leading functionality to give companies in the market unprecedented control and insight into the agreements that are the foundation of their customer, supplier, employee and partner relationships.

Today, Exari counts over 130 multinational companies as customers. With our current solutions, we can support virtually any enterprise contract management need, anywhere, anytime.

Enterprise-class platform: Exari is the only solution that provides the breadth and depth of contract data insight, giving enterprises a complete picture of the value and risks buried in their contracts. Unlike other solutions, the platform has been purpose built for managing contracts instead of as an add-on to ERP, procurement, CRM or other departmental systems.

According to Gartner, “CLM is evolving from an operational record-keeping system, primarily used for legal audit purposes, to an enterprise-level core system addressing business risk, costs and the pursuit of revenue maximization” and “Leading organizations are seeking a wide CLM context, encompassing all (or most) contract processes and agreement types across the organization”.

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  1. Exari Contracts (Specialty: Contract Management)

    When you create a contract, you need to make sure it’s done right. This usually means the agreement must be drafted by a lawyer, leading to the dreaded legal bottleneck. With Exari Contracts, your front office professionals are empowered to generate compliant, self-service contracts to help speed-up your sales cycle and make your business more efficient.

    Exari DocGen (Specialty: Document Assembly)

    Powerful yet brilliantly simple, DocGen is the world’s leading enterprise document generation software, providing an ideal balance of speed and control in creating and negotiating contracts. From simple agreements to the most complex documents, DocGen allows users to generate their own contracts, speeding-up their projects while freeing-up legal and IT teams so they can focus on higher value priorities.

    Exari Vision (Specialty: Contract Analysis)

    Exari Vision is our world-class contract analysis software, automating the data extraction process to provide unprecedented speed and accuracy, allowing you to fully operationalize your business data.

    Exari Match (Specialty: Contract Analysis)

    Exari Match allows users to capture data within hundreds of contracts and compare and review up to 5,000 pages in one single session. Documents can be matched with other documents, searched using powerful search tools, annotated, checked and reviewed for quality and adherence against checklists. Save valuable time and more importantly, have condense that nothing was missed. In addition, flexible APIs allows for integration of Exari Match functionality into your existing Enterprise platforms and workflows.

    Contiki ECM (Specialty: Contract Management)

    Contiki ECM is purpose-built to support and improve the entire sourcing and procurement process, from negotiation to analysis to decision, allowing you to achieve better results with great control. And like all Exari products, Contiki ECM is designed for use across your entire enterprise to achieve better results.