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eShare is an enterprise-wide Board Assurance Solution which links and monitors all aspects of Governance- Meeting Management- Central Information Storage- Procedure Approval and Management- Risk Management- Decision Making

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eShare was established in 2004 as the leading provider of governance software and currently supplies software to over 300 clients in the UK and overseas, including some top brand names such as Barclays, Bank of England, Michelin, Ernst and Young, Diageo, Vauxhall, Heinz and Legal and General. 

The company has grown considerably since this time and now boasts over 3,500 users; across the Pensions Industry, NHS Trusts, Charities and Investment Management Funds, among others. Oversea markets have already been established in the Netherlands, Australia and South Africa. 

The introduction of the BoardPacks app to the eShare product set has changed the dynamics of the company. This application is helping eShare reach the Corporates, SME’s, Hedge Funds and others; not only in the UK but with markets spanning the globe. A collection of resellers are also starting to take ground in Canada, India, Chile, Russia, France, Germany and Poland. 

The software has been developed by our expert team, alongside our clients who have a considerable input into product development. Following the introduction of a Procedure Management tool, eShare is now a Complete Board Assurance tool. 

Security is always at the forefront of our minds and with a dedicated infrastructure team, our clients’ data is always secure, and many large banking customers have tested the software to their own standards and also deemed it secure. 

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