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Iken provides specialist software to support effective matter, contract or case management for in-house legal teams in the UK. More in-house lawyers in the UK are using our software than any other comparable software. Our software suite includes time recording and evidence bundling capabilities

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Iken is a UK-based market leading Case Management and Matter Management software developer that helps its clients deliver a better service while reducing costs. Our solutions take document and information management to a new dimension that is ideal for teams of professionals who share clients, cases or projects, and where the best management of individual and collective know-how is critical to success. 

Iken’s Adaptive Case Management solutions are already used by more in-house lawyers in the UK than any other equivalent system, and are increasingly used by other teams in the public and private sectors, in the UK and in other global markets including North America, continental Europe, East Asia and the Middle East. 

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United Kingdom
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  1. Iken Case & Matter Management (Specialty: Matter Management)

    Iken removes the frustration of finding documents filed by other team members, as well as enabling quick and simple overviews of progress on a project or piece of work. Using Iken Case and Matter Management makes tracking and retrieving your information easy and effective.

    Iken Time Recording & Analysis (Specialty: Internal Time Management)

    Iken Time Recording & Analysis provides you with all the information you need to set and monitor performance targets and accurately evidence your costs. Your team members can easily swap between multiple stopwatches and time can also be recorded automatically against open documents - so recording your time isn't a task in itself.

    Iken Document Management (Specialty: Document Management)

    With over 20 years' experience developing efficiency software for professional teams, Iken will create your emails and documents in context from their relevant case or work file; enable you to save external emails and documents into the system with the click of a button; use your organisation's precedents and templates to pre-populate standard email and document content on creation; auto-populate your documents with relevant information, such as contact details and case information, on creation; supply powerful search capabilities; so nothing stays lost for long.